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Abigor - Taphonomia Aeternitatis - Ges​ä​nge im Leichenlicht der Welt

Taphonomia Aeternitatis - Ges​ä​nge im Leichenlicht der Welt

Morning star! Morning star!

How can band make feel evil? Churchbells and creepy ambience? Cover? Yes! But also other place like vocals! Voice clean like sly evil man. Raspy, like man choke on bad berry juice. Evil like sitting in circle, listening to bad tribe leader, his shouting, snarling, and growling. Grug no want eat mammoth steak with voice man. Lady voice scary too. Soft spot Grug heart when no music but only vocals to lead the song along. And singing with crowd? And even sing in German? Wow! Yes!

Evil from guitars also! Feel like shining light, not good light, sick light, make head spin and belly turn. Make feel disorientated. Guitars like little evil cave-kids, wandering, then boom! Explode when shout-man yells! Become evil beasts. Feel you can see how guitars dance uncontrolably. Guitar not afraid of being center of attention at all. Enjoy it even.

So many melodies and feel like watching theatre. Closest Grug have felt to being in some ritual where people are sacrifice and drink blood. Big thrill bring. Grug can't stop. Feel want to hear what happen next at every moment of every song.

This black metal for evil from band that sound like only self! Feel old-time classic music spirit in it. Melodic, but like dark night, sinister. Make feel bad for other bands with the amount of melody and interesting played with here.

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Burning Hell02:52- This riff early contender for riff of year easy.
  2. Soldaten Satans 02:07- How it possible that riff sound so spite? Like sticking out tongue and mock!
  3. Feasting On The Prophet's Blood 01:28- Other man voice so creepy!
  4. Extermination Angel02:03- Random violent screem as if for help. Grug no help. Grug run away.
  5. Cult Of Elder Chaos01:34- Heavy like big rock. Make Grug feel under water, no air.
  6. Forniotrs Weltenreise04:55 - This vocal section stuck in Grug head. Would happy follow man to final fight.

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Grug Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5 out of 5 fires)