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Talk to your plants

Not many things deeply excite Grug. Grug too old to be excited by holidays, birthdays, new things. But Grug always excite for new Aesop Rock. New Aesop Rock feel like best gift. Feel like things will be okay.

Grug be honest. Aesop Rock can make worst music of just shout and poop noises and Grug will still like. Aesop Rock been so important part Grug life that unless turns out Aes kill baby Grugs, Grug would still be Stan.

Aesop Rock man who make word-sounds, story-tell with rhythm. Make pictures in head with voice-sounds. No simple grug-talk, but deep cave paintings with mouth-noise. Aesop Rock big brain word-chief. Words important. Words make connection so many levels. What that song about? What this song about? That word mean this! What that mean? Is this really about pigeons? Really about flowers? No! Songs about so many things. So many listens make think! But not just words, music and sounds make Grug feel good in heart and even make Grug do smirk stank face!

Talk to your plants
Tell them something bad from the vaults

Why? What make Aes special like this? Maybe magic? Maybe Grug relate so much? Maybe Grug just like rap that not “look my big cave, look my big club, look me so good” rah rah rah, Grug not like that. No filler here. Just every song good. Grug love when Aesop have frends on songs. Grug love Billy woods and Rob sonic especial but others also so great!

I could introduce you to another realm
Help you with the move
But only you can go fuck yourself

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Infinity Fill Goose Down 00:11 - This first verse blow Grug mind. Grug can't help but feel excited hearing the amazing "A" assonance absurd awesome. Aesop the actual best.
  2. 100 Feet tall 01:30 - Grug love funny whisper rap. Be good to your mother!
  3. Pigeonometry 02:44 - Make Grug realise this song not really about pigeons. "A thousand is a lot".
  4. Black Snow 00:00 - Grug listen this song over and over again. Sad that over.

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