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Convulsing - Perdurance


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Grug love when feel like face warm from sitting close to fire with friend. Feel special for having hear this music. Always feel like heart beating too fast. Walking with this music feel calm and slow in flowers sometimes. Next moment running while being chased by big bear. Feel like many different places. Sometimes alone in empty house in middle desert. Sometime in big city many people shout. Some time music feel like stuck in butchery. Man voice have big knife.

Guitar slide around so much. Wiggle wiggle up down. Make Grug feel like in jungle with snake. Guitar sound like big storm. Like everything bother. Like no time for anything. Like so hurry that lose tempo! But then sound like relax. Like nothing bother. Like have all time in world. Voice sounds like big river but can still understand like stream. Easy for Grug to catch fish. Feel emotion so bright in shouts.

Make Grug hopeful for future full of good music because present definitely have.

Grug favourite parts:

  1. pentarch 04:28 - Guitar twist Grug thoughts like vines, make head heavy like think too much.
  2. flayed 04:40 - Guitar sound like shiver from cold teeth clatter.
  3. shattered temples 01:34 - Feel like someone have rope around your arms and pulling you!
  4. endurance 04:25 - "Not quickly forgotten"

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Grug Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5 out of 5 fires)