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Rhûn - Conveyance in Death

Conveyance in Death

Old places not supposed to be

Grug know this because of best dancing Justin.

Love feeling when music and singing great but it feel like there some extra force hidden in music. Something that make feel like it meant to always be hear. Like all music hear before lead to enjoy this? Like perfect fit of one rock in cave wall gap. Grug brain cave gap. This album perfect fit rock.

Grug enjoy vibes for this album so much. Music feel like ancient spirits whispering in wind. Strange, deep, full of old magic. Make Grug feel home. Part make feel scared of home, sure. Music touch part of Grug deep inside, part that modern world forget. Primal, real. Black metal pull Grug heart like moon pull sea.

Song writing for this album so nice. Feel free and happy to take on adventure. Grug feel like music made warm. Evey song feel like have so much space to breathe. Each song its own tiny shrine. Each song make certain feelings.

Grug find so much joy in listening to this album. So many moments of "hell yeah". Something in Grug brain make happy when even think of listen this album. Many more listens future!

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Bone Ornament 0:00 - Is the ornament a train made of bones?
  2. Howl of Gleaming Swords 03:40 - That is definitely a cat meow instead of a guitar. Grug love cat guitar.
  3. Night's Glacial Passing 02:47 - Grug been humming "Darkness unyeilding" many days now.
  4. Citadels in Ruin 02:43 - Like a snake talking to you.
  5. Morningstar 03:02 - You can sense this Uuuuuuuuuhhhhh coming from far away!

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Grug Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5 out of 5 fires)