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Ringarë - Of Momentous Endless Night

Of Momentous Endless Night

Grug need pelt for this many winter feels!

Grug feel cold in bones when music take to far, icy lands. Like big journey with heavy heart. Grug say you must join, big life shift happen! Wind change direction and must follow. Something bad must have happen. Life now different. Bad shadows fall. Life heavy, paths few. Deep cold, deep sorrow in music, like winter night and no fire. All this most from keys and long, mourn guitar that tell big and sad story.

Synth dance light, playful over other sounds, like butterfly over big rocks. Carry song as foundation! Normally, drum-guitar relationship most important, what make good or bad foundation. Here, guitar and keys relationship equal important, like playful friends together sway around like snow. Grug surprise when man sing big clean voice like mountain stream! But sing like thorns! Rhythm of drums flow so fast. So many drum hits! Kick drum feel so fast and add so much groove feel. Grug love when fast snare but also amazing when black metal has really fast, intense kick drum parts.

Grug love how parts feel grin, grim, and brutal, and little later feel pretty with synths and lovely melodies. Music fierce like smash but then bloom pretty like flower after rain. Heavy and angry but soothing and can't stop listen! Songs make feel like walk far, alone, in snow, to somewhere uncertain, scary, and cold. Sections not scared to go very slow and focus on small idea before exploding into big angry! This black metal not scare Grug. It give hope, like breathe air outside cave first time long time. This black metal from old times but feel powerful and new.

This last Grug shrine of 2023. Year of begin. Grug learn so much from building shrines. Clearly, Grug love black metal with beautiful melodies and feels. Ringarë do this so perfectly!

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Usurping Dark Magicks - 01:26 - Melody make Grug surprise think of Requiem for a Dream!
  2. Shadow Coronation - 0:00 - Intro poke Grug spirit. Make think, 'Grug must do more, see big world!'. Should be going to mountains and seeing more birds.
  3. Blood Pact Vindication - 10:22 - Start of last big section. Big epic reach of destination. Big feels. Lightning agree!

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Grug Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5 out of 5 fires)