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Tetragrammacide - Typho​-​Tantric Aphorisms From The Arachneophidian Qur'an

Typho​-​Tantric Aphorisms From The Arachneophidian Qur'an

Grug not know words but love evil feels

Grug live cave. Cave nice and comfy. Music here not comfy. Music sound like cave collapse! So much rocks everywhere hitting on Grug head! Grug not know India sound like here! Grug want listen more!

Music have so evil feel! Grug never see titles like this and not know what say. Grug not know much history, but want to think and learn. Music make Grug want see more such album covers. Make Grug wow! Grug want to know why 4 leg blue lady have demon head in hand? Grug think not good time for demon man!

When music has slow and sounds only Grug feel scared! So good making Grug feel like there! Sound like bug eating and screaming outside Grug's cave waiting for Grug go outside!

Guitar feel like big story teller. Grug like singing voice, but guitar voice add much tension. Guitar not friendly, Grug would not approach in wild. Drums make Grug want to move head back and front. So fast, so well structured, Grug not stay still. Drums float and make feel strong. Guitar riffs complicated, make Grug wish to make them too. Make Grug want to run, fill head with many notes and feelings of shadows.

Grug not sure what do if see spider like in video. Grug no have club big enough for such big spider!

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Spectral Hyaenas Of Amenta Howl, The Vulture Of Ma'at Descends, And Tahuti Watches Without His Ape 00:57 - Sound like horse lion neighing!
  2. Golden Ontological Embroideries Of Pythagorean Meta-Geometries Sewn On The Blue Veil Surface Of Nought 02:37 - Grug imagine scary blue lady smashing over pyramids when this guitar play.
  3. Thanatos And Eros Wrestle Forever, Folding And Unfolding From The Substratum Of Supreme Voidness Of S'lba 01:38 - This guitar busy with some type evil plan!

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