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Tomb Mold - The Enduring Spirit

Tomb Mold
The Enduring Spirit

Colourful cave music

Many frens shout about this sound stone so long. Many pals says whaa whaa whaa must listen this. NO. Grug listen now only! No longer say no pretty front picture.

Grug not know how much miss out. Grug like whirling and wizzling like being chased by tiger. Many moving parts and interesting everything! Guitar make nice sound feel like tribe from other sun rock maybe. Grug like when album start bang bang drum. So fast so nice wow!

When music sing speak me feel at home. Like colourful cave. Music sound fast but talent pals playing. Feel grass under toes. Like wind in Grug beard. Make sound like death metal from many winters before. But also sound of pretty. Will of Whispers make Grug miss childhood. Grug scared. Grug peace. Grug find perfect in between. Comfy cave fire. Fire burn but fire warm.

For voice, Grug understand words immediately. Man in cave shouty shouty just like Grug.

Time without haste
Patience without release
You light your way to sorrow
Time without haste
Patience without release
You light your way to sorrow

Grug almost understand! Grug pal here very good think. Grug wish voice more different sometimes from always rock grinding in same way.

Grug think "Mmmmm." when parts play soft. Grug feel ooooooh when parts grooby. Wag chin up down up down. Alone play guitar go Whah Whah wow.

Grug feel lots for music songs here. All feel like made by real pure Grug pals that love doing this. Make me feel like I am in strange place. Good sounds must do that. Grug never want visit moldy tomb. But Grug want more Tomb Mold.

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Fate’s Tangled Thread 02:43 - think of evil cat Grug once had meow meow. 04:50 - Grug think shaking baby.
  2. The Enduring Spirit Of Calamity 05:53 - This what Grug imagine all other grugs want cave to feel like.
  3. Servants of Possibility 02:29 - Make Grug shoulders shake.
  4. Flesh As Armour 01:15 - Make feel when Grug chase food run run!

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