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Vægtløs - Aftryk


Nothing can prevent small voices trembling

Grug been struggling to stay consistent. Not just with make shrine but all things. So Grug happy have this album! When Grug ears catch sound in English, sometimes too much think on word-sounds. Here, Grug dive deep into music feel, Grug love that mystery of not understand words.

Guitars capture feeling of lose something important so well. Capture feeling of hearing bad news from friend but also about friend. No need to understand lyrics to feel what happening. Voice so raw and have direct access to inside feel. Overwhelm feeling. Grug love when sound make feels of glow bright, but just as easy make belly twist.

Love how songs change and flow between ideas. Many different ideas, lots of room for breathe. Feel flowing between hurt and okay. Always build on feeling until song fill up and over like waterfall.

Music make Grug want be young child Grug again to not waste so much time. Grug listen to this on repeat. Album feel like friend that know what Grug like.

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Ingenting kan forhindre at små struber skælver en forårsnat 03:02 - Big surprise Grug not see coming.
  2. Først da vi bar din kiste, gik det op for mig, hvor meget tungt du skulle igennem, før du blev så let 04:55 - From soft whisper to big shake, beauty.
  3. Her i vores hjerter bærer vi en ny verden 03:58 - Grug eyes wide as man roars heart out of mouth.
  4. Tag dit knuste hjerte og lav det til kunst 06:02 - This release feeling like finally light after long night.

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