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Valdrin - Throne of the Lunar Soul

Throne of the Lunar Soul

Grug want to join the Paladins of Ausadjur!

Grug love surprise when start album with no expect, then boom, it done! Time fly fast, Grug still as rock, ears glued to sound. Sound pouring honey in Grug's ears. Just keep listen. Barely feel like time move. Whole album done and Grug miss dinner.

Album is big reminder – this why Grug love for black metal roar and guitar cry. This definitely make Grug want to make dungeon synth! Malokarpatan disappoint at Grug for saying they have “Dungeon synth”. Grug think they right! But if this not dungeon synth intros and sections then Grug really lost.

Grug never like just one song one time. Grug always prefer whole album and this perfect album for that! Such long album but keep fresh and no drag. So good balance between fast metal and parts to breathe, with feels and speaking words.

Whole life long Grug hear about how metal ugly. How listen to so ugly? Shouty shouty and evil guitar? Angry drums? Why? This so good example of metal being all those things but easy more beautiful than bird melodies. Get stuck in head! Grug struggle imagine anyone hear this and not love, not think "wow so pretty". So melodic so epic.

Grug feel similar here than when Grug feel love to Moonlight Sorcery! Yes! Make Grug think that easy to impress Grug. Make album with big story stuck together. Make music that flow like water. Shout over it. Have beautiful guitar. Make feel head go back and forth. Have nice front picture. Then make interesting unique music. Easy! Valdrin definitely have all!

Every shrine Grug build is for must listen music. But Grug really, really think you should have this journey!

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Neverafter 03:36 - First time Grug hear this clean guitar and spoken word smile wide!
  2. Golden Walls of Ausadjur 01:30 - YYYEAH! Followed by beast riding feels! Followed by wild solo!
  3. Seven Swords (In the Arsenal of Steel): 0:00 - Feel like DOOM intro. Not MF but game. When guitars join is difficult not feel like excited child Grug.
  4. Paladins of Ausadjur 03:53 - Grug have deep internal need to sing with paladins! Grug want to also be hero!
  5. Throne of the Lunar Soul 03:58 - Album has many perfect solos. This one Grug favourite! So feels!

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Grug Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5 out of 5 fires)