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Midnight Odyssey - Biolume Part 3: A Fullmoon Madness

Midnight Odyssey
Biolume Part 3: A Fullmoon Madness

Grug have all the time in world

Album big surprise to Grug! Grug see thanks to @KManriffs that this is 8 album. That so many albums! Think wow! Then Grug see that this part of 1,2,3 albums. Trilogy? Wow! So big ideas. But then Grug see this album 2 hours and 5 minutes. Grug no process. How band make so many music? Can't be good? Maybe full of empty space like hidden tracks from long ago? NO! So many music! Then Grug scroll down on Bandcamp and see this all made by one person. One. Grug feel jaw go to ground. Maybe time work different in Australia!

Grug love how “Black metal” can mean so different thing. Not just on this album but in general. Grug reminded of Crow Black Sky in some sections, Valdrin others. Music so wide and drip atmosphere! Move so perfect between fast like hare to slow like tortoise. Some atmosphere sections feel so calm! Some threatening. Strange sounds in music make Grug happy. Spoken word make whole big story. Many parts make Grug feel like floating up. Opera. Poem. Epic. Angry. Sad. Happy. Everything. Dungeon synth! Black metal! Space black metal! So much! Grug love the feels. Love the Star Wars trumpets. So many voices. Grug hear dark yell, clear sing, talking voices, choir voice, beautiful lady voice. All voice! Love Synth special character. Make all the parts glue. Love when strange instruments never hear especially second last song. Love when guitars create wall that feel like wind blowing! Love when horns supposed to sound epic. Here sound so evil! Sound like big scary monster coming over hill!

Grug happy that big song never feel boring. Grug skip easy and no skip here. So much music surely have some bad tracks! Of course! Grug just not find them on this album! So satisfying when section/riff/sounds from much earlier in song come back and give feeling of relief. So happy every time song give Grug goose skin! Grug feel sleeping in sky. Dreaming in black empty. Grug so happy use time listen here. Make Grug feel not alone this universe. Make Grug look music different from now. Grug listen many time again!

Grug favourite parts:

  1. The Horned Goddess 03:37 - This change juicy like steak!
  2. As One We Grow, As One We Fall 0:00 - Start so calm and nice. Love pretty sing.
  3. The Long Forgotten Dead 07:05 - Go from speak to get punched in face!
  4. A Land That Only Death Knows 06:24 - Grug love how song meditate and build so pretty. Singing grugs definitely wearing black robes.
  5. As Darkness Dims The Fire 12:20 - So simple but so stuck in head.
  6. A Fulllmoon Madness 0:00 - Grug immediately knew that grin feel. Remind Grug of Woe.
  7. In The Lunar Maelstrom 0:00 - So epic when song begin. Grug feel like on snow mountain! Love slowdown of same sounds at 01:51.
  8. Last day 9:34 - What crazy space animal make this noise!!?

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Grug Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5 out of 5 fires)